Do not throw away the bamboo sticks. They can be used to make a chic flower pot ?

As a child, we made various crafts from matches or ice cream sticks. They were joined together with plasticine and houses and various figures were obtained.
There are a lot more similar materials for creativity now. Toothpicks, bamboo skewers, garden sticks or sushi sticks are used.
A lot can be made from these thin sticks: vases, napkin holders, frame mirrors, caskets and much more, and basically the entire length of this product goes.
But from small pieces, 1.5 – 3 centimeters long, something will also turn out and even very beautiful and stylish, you just need to be patient. And you will see this today.
I will make a vase-planter.
1) You will need a balloon to get started. Inflated it to a small size. She leaned the lid of the jar on top and circled it with a marker. This will be the upper border of the vase.
I also used thin skewers from the kebab and thicker sticks for the garden from the Fix Price.
2) At the first stage, I cut thin skewers of small length.
3) With PVA glue, I smeared a small area on the ball and glued sticks, starting from the marker line. Then I turned the ball over, put it on the mug and finished gluing.
4) When everything was dry, I started the second stage. I cut thicker sticks with a pruner. Approximately the same length and hot glue glued each piece to the first layer. We must try to make the gaps smaller.
5) It was possible to apply hot glue to a small part and glue sticks. But then there is a risk that the ball will burst from the high temperature.
6) Now I have applied acrylic varnish over the entire surface.
7) The ball pierced and carefully removed it. If some sticks have come off together with the ball, they can easily be glued into place.
8) I glued two sticks to the bottom so that the planters were stable.
That’s what happened.
If you put a small garland inside, you will get another pretty lamp.
To make “masterpieces” it is not necessary to buy expensive materials, it is enough to take a look at your house and everything you need will be at hand.