✅ ? Remaking an old shower curtain into a useful thing

When we were abroad two years ago, miniature shampoo, shower gel, disposable toothpaste, soap and shower caps were brought to our room every day. The caps were transparent with an elastic band, of course, no one wore them in such heat, we found another use for them and pulled them on watermelon and plates of fruit.
They also brought a few pieces home with them, I gave them to my friends, they still remember, it’s so convenient to use such hats when you dye your hair, you don’t need to put a grocery bag on your head.
Now the Fix Price List sells almost such shower caps and spa treatments for 77 rubles with lace trim and different patterns. I bought myself to go to the pool in it, such hats are much more convenient than rubber ones that press.
And you could not spend money and sew a hat with your own hands. A used bathroom curtain is great for this. The film from which it is made is durable and waterproof.
The cap was made according to the fixed sizes, now there are a couple in stock.
It is sewn from a circle, its diameter is 40 cm.
1) To make a circle of this size, cut out a 41×41 cm square, folded it in half, then in half again, diagonally, until you get a small triangle. Then rounded the edge.
2) I took a thin elastic band and tried on myself where to cut off the excess. On the elastic band, I marked 4 marks at the same distance. I also made it on the circle cap itself.
3) Having combined the labels, I attached the elastic band in a zigzag, pulling. At the same time, I made creases along the edge of the circle, since the distance between the marks is large and the stretched length of the elastic band is not enough.
4) The elastic band was attached 1 cm from the edge, small assemblies turned out.
5) If you have long thick hair, it is better to make the size of the cap larger. for example, the diameter of the circle is 45 cm, so that the hair fits freely into it.
6) The cap fits well to the head, holds the hair perfectly and does not let it get wet during water procedures, helps to feel comfortable when painting.
This protective headdress will help with self-care, when you apply a mask on your face, cosmetics. it is convenient to take it on trips, for example to a sanatorium to undergo various procedures.